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Favorite Destinations

The Eastern United States gets a bad rap for off-roading and overlanding because it's not as wide open and majestic as the Western portion of the nation. Well, it's my mission to visit and document as many areas of the Eastern side of the US/Canada and spreading the word about all the great places to off-road, camp, and see the sites!

This list will grow as I visit more places. Each of these places are represented in the downloadable GPX routes Patrons can access!

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Drummond Island State Forest

If you like camping on the shores of a great lake overlooking Canada, this state forest with free dispersed camping is the place!

Drummond Island Trail System

The island's trail system is home to the Marble Head Badge of Honor trail, but watch out, the other trails prove to be much more challenging!

Holly Oaks Off-Road Park

A Badge of Honor "trail" that is essentially the whole park. Just show up, check into the app, and have fun!

New Hampshire

Jericho Mountain Jeep 4x4 Trail

The Jericho Badge of Honor trail is no joke. The black sections are really challenging and will scrape you up. It's well designed and super fun!

Jericho Mountain State Park

This state park is amazing. Plenty of paid campsites and cabins right next to the lake and badge of honor trail in the shadows of the White Mountains.

Mt. Washington Auto Road

While not a challenging drive, the views on the paved shelf road that lead to the highest peak in the Eastern US are quite a sight to see climbing into the clouds.

New York

BHM Off-Road Test Facility

This little known private property outside of Binghamton offers overnight camping on the grounds and a handful of trails that range from green to red.

Flexrock 4x4

Another private property in Attica that hosts monthly off-road trail days and a couple overnight camping weekends for trails of all difficulties.

Letchworth State Park

The "grand canyon" of the East. This park has one side that's paid entry and another free side with cabins and a dirt road that leads up to a scenic overlook.

Little Rock City State Forest

A state forest with plenty of dirt roads to explore, hiking trails that wind in and out of 15 foot tall rock formations, and even a few free dispersed campsites to find!

McCarty Hill State Forest

This forest has dirt roads and offers hiking and mountain biking trails. There are even a few free dispersed campsites to find as well.

Moose River Plains Adirondacks

New York State's largest free dispersed camping area. Over 100 campsites on 30+ miles of dirt roads.


Southington Off Road Park

A fun "playground" style off-road park in Ohio near Youngstown. Muddy tracks, sandy speed humps, rock walls, and obstacles everywhere to play on. There's reserved/paid camping on the property as well.


Allegheny National Forest

Maybe one of the Northeast's best forests for exploration and free unmarked dispersed camping. The area is full of forest roads and two-track gas line trails.

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

One of three off-road parks in PA, AOAA features on-site camping, acres upon acres of trails, and two new Badge of Honor trails.

Bald Eagle State Forest

One of the best, if not the best, state forests for overlanding in the Northeast. This forest has 100+ paid dispersed campsites and multiple high clearance 4x4 trails.

Loyalsock State Forest

A beautiful forest with some of the best swimming holes in the Northeast. Full of paid dispersed campsites, waterfalls, abandoned mines, ghost towns, and scenic overlooks.

MOSHANNON State Forest

This is a great state forest with waterfalls, fishing, and marked campsites in a handful of areas. Check out the nearby Nuclear Jet Engine Bunkers in the Quehanna Wilds as well.

Rausch Creek

One of the more famous off-road parks in the Northeast, home to three Badge of Honor trails. Overnight camping is available in the parking lot areas.

RothRock State Forest

A small but fun state forest in Central PA with a number of dirt forest roads and a select few high clearance 4x4 trails. Paid dispersed campsites are also available.

Sproul State Forest

This is a neat little state forest with marked dispersed sites throughout and a good amount of seasonal hunting trails to drive on in the fall/winter season.


Braintree Gap

Quite possibly one of the best mountain pass Class IV roads in the state. two miles up and two miles down on rocky two-track in elevation.

Chateauguay Road

The most famous Class IV road in Vermont. This climb up a rocky creek bed is so much fun and provides amazing photo ops.

Green Mountain National Forest

Vermont's largest forest with clusters of free dispersed camping sites within the Northern and Southern ends of the forest.

Plymouth Five Corners

A Class IV road turned creek bed, provides a bumpy, rocky, watery ride through the forest.


Flagpole Knob

A peak with a few campsites. The views are somewhat obstructed during summer. Don't be surprised if there are others camping near you at these spots.

George Washington National Forest

Home to the Peters Mill Run Jeep Badge of Honor trail among other great forest roads and trails like Union Springs Rd.

Meadow Knob

A large open mountain top camping area near Flagpole Knob with multiple fire pits. Not much tree coverage, but a great view.

Peters Mill Run

An easy Badge of Honor trail in a beautiful forest. There is a free campground at the Northern end.

Potts Mountain Jeep Trail

An awesome free Jeep trail that is a pretty solid challenge. Would recommend a lift and at least 35" tires. There is one section that is required that makes this trail "black" rated.

Reddish Knob

The "parking lot" in the sky at the peak of Reddish Knob, complete with 270 degree views, graffiti pavement, and the foundational ruins of a fire tower.

Union SPrings Rd

A 4x4 high-clearance trail that leads up to Flagpole Knob by way of Meadow Knob.

Union SPrings Rd

A 4x4 high-clearance trail that leads up to Flagpole Knob by way of Meadow Knob.

West Virginia

Canaan Loop Road

A scenic and mildly challenging forest road and high clearance 4x4 trail. Free dispersed camping throughout the loop right off the road. This route has multiple shallow water crossings.

Monongahela National Forest

A forest full of windy shelf roads, mini waterfall runs, and dispersed camping. There are a number of water crossing and a few water fords on forest roads in this area as well.


An awesome tower that can be climbed to the top for a view of the valley below. It's pretty tall and gets breezy at the top.

Seneca Rocks

A really cool sheer rock face mountain that has hiking, bouldering, and rock climbing.

Spruce Knob

The highest peak in West Virginia. There is hiking and an observation tower at the top. Free dispersed camping is nearby within 10 miles.

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