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Darkside Off-Road | Tim Bouchard | Vader JLU | Vader_JLU

About Me

I'm a guy from Western NY that loves my Jeep, off-roading, overlanding, camping, dirt/mud, trails, hiking, and mountain biking. I've got a great group of Jeep friends and family that come out for off-road and overlanding adventures and I love catching it all on camera so I can share our experiences with everyone.

Buffalo Native

Western NY and the greater Northeast has lots of adventure destinations and I intend to let everyone know.

Digital Marketer

I've been a digital designer, developer, and marketer for 15+ years. I own an agency called Luminus in Buffalo.

Bills & Sabres Fan

Josh Allen. Tage. Just get me one before I die!


Former Cat4 NYS Criterium champ. More into mountain biking these days!

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