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Novsight Halo Pod Lights Installation

I was approached by Novsight to check out their Halo pod light products and opted for the Halo 6” Pods in spots that I replaced my 2×3” Rigid D-Series Pro pods with.

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I’ve been happy with the Rigids, but the Halos do look pretty cool and I was interested in seeing how a 6” spot compared to the 2×3” spots.

Here’s a little info on what’s in the box and how I installed these lights on Vader, my 2021 Jeep JLU Rubicon. Watch the video below or read on to see the step by step.

What’s in the Box?

Novsight sends a carefully packed and foam protected box of everything you need for the install, including everything from covers to the switch. Immediately, I thought that was pretty cool. For my Rigids I had to buy the black and amber covers separately for both my a-pillar pods and my 10” flood bar on my bullbar.

The Novsight Halo Series box contains:

  • Stickers (fun!)
  • The two 6” Pods
  • Black Covers
  • Amber Covers
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Insulated Wires & Harness
  • Switch
  • Zip Ties

Novsight Halo Series Pod Light Install - Unboxing

If you’re someone without an Auxbeam or S-Pod, etc. this kit will work great for you as it will work directly with the battery and the switch provided can tackle every mode you’ll need. Those with switch boxes, the install is a bit more complicated, but will still work!

Mounting the Halo Pods to the A-Pillar

I’m using the KC HiLiTES 7318 A-Pillar Black Light Mount Brackets for the Jeep Wrangler JL. I specifically needed brackets that would position the lights far enough to the side in line with the pillar to peek around my hood mounted HiLift jack. These are small, lightweight, and perfectly positioned. They are however, expensive and made with steel rather than aluminum.

KC A-Pillar Brackets

Wiring the Halo Pods to the Auxbeam & Battery

After removing my Rigid D-Series Pro pods and Artec a-pillar brackets, I noticed how different the wiring was for the Rigids vs. the Novsight wires. I had originally planned to sleeve the Novsight wires to help protect them. This was a step I skipped and regretted with my Rigids. But the Novsight Halo lights come well insulated, so I was actually able to avoid that and skip that step entirely. Nice!

Novsight Halo Series Pod Lights Wiring & Insulation

I run the wires along the back of the engine bay to each cowl side. I use square zip tie sticky mounts to hold the wires in a few places along the bay’s back edge.

Novsight Halo Pods Wiring Install - Jeep JL

I stash the bunches of wire slack in the cowls as well to keep them out of the engine bay (something I corrected after my initial install). I also run the switch controller wire to the driver’s side through the cowl and up under the windshield alongside my Auxbeam switch wire.

From there I start connecting things. The black and red are connected to the battery. Then the activation wires are connected to my Auxbeam switch box.

Yellow = Halos (Daytime Running Lights)
Green = Lights (Spots)

Novsight Halo Pods Wiring Install - Jeep JL

I install each activation wire to two different switch box buttons. The spots get my main light cubes button (30A) and the halos get my tie fighter button (10A). I place the Novsight Halo switch next to the controller in my cabin.

Wiring Novsight Halo Pods to an Auxbeam Switch Box

Mounting the Novsight Halo Lights

With the wires all in place, I grabbed my cowl covers and lights. I got the lights plugged in and place the cowls back in. From there, screwed everything into place, including the Halos on to the KC brackets. I hate having to deal with the cowls for lighting, but it’s just par for the course.

Novsight Halo Pods Mounted To KC A-Pillar Brackets

I will say, these KC mounts are much smaller and out of the way as compared to my old Artec dual a-pillar mounts I had for the Rigids. So that’s a nice upgrade for me.

How the Novsight Halo Pods Look & Initial Impressions

These lights really do look cool in person, actually better than I thought they would. I kind of wish the silver outline was all blacked out. All black would look great with the amber halos lit up. With the blacked out covers on though, the silver outline really carries the look, so it’s not a hill I’d die on that they could be black.

Novsight Halo Series Pod Light Covers

The wiring is BEEFY and super well insulated. They give you everything you need in the kit.

The Novsight Halo 6″ spot beams throw light much farther than my 3″ Rigids did (not apples to apples). I have some adjustments to do on placement still, but both lights hold pretty true to their described distances:

Novsight 6″ Spot Pods = 2,200ft range & 4,600 Lumens
Rigid 3″ Spot Pods = 1,750ft range & 3,168 Lumens

Novsight Halo 6" Spot Pods vs. Rigid 2x3" Spot Pods

There’s no avoiding that these are made in China, but having said that, they are sturdy in build quality and material choices. Only time will tell for the reliability of the tech within.

Where to Get Novsight Halo Pods

You can buy directly from Novsight on their website. If you use the link below you can go directly to the Halo product page.

Novsight Halo Series Pod Lights Product Link

These aren’t cheap lights. Fortunately Novsight is providing its partners with discount codes as well to help spread the word. If you use the code “DARKSIDE” at checkout you can save 20% on your order. A small portion of the purchase will help me and the Darkside YouTube channel.

I hope that helps you get going on your install, whether you’re installing on a Jeep or another vehicle, the steps should be similar in wiring.

Feel free to ask me any questions on Instagram @vader_jlu.

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